About the office

The Law office Musil a partneři is a fully established company providing its clients with a complex legal services at the highest level of quality possible. We concentrate mainly on the law of companies, software law, the law of the internet, traffic law, family law, civil and business law and personal data protection.

Our main objective is a spot on fulfillment of requirements of our clients in their personal or business sphere, which is done through our team of experienced professionals and also due to a cooperation with tax consultants, auditors, judge advocates, notaries and other professionals from various branches. We put emphasis on providing the services with an appropriate expertise, professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness while maintaining a personal approach to the client. A protection and an enforcement of our client’s legal interest is in the first place, we rigorously listen to our client’s demands and after the evaluation of the situation we offer our client a solution, which is the safest possible for the client, so that the client can run his business or pursue his interest in a personal sphere of life. We spare the client’s time as much as possible mainly but not only by a clear definition of the specific demands, which we then use for a professional legal assessment.

Law doesn’t consist solely of statutes, but of a wide spectrum of formal and material sources, which influence the law by different means. The purpose of professional legal services is not only the assessment of the client’s rights and duties according to the text of the legal rule, but also on the basis of other very important sources of rights and duties, which influence not only the interpretation of the legal rule, but also its application in general. The linguistic interpretation of the legal rule doesn’t serve as the definitive source for establishing a connection between the facts told by the client and the legal rule. It is always crucial to examine the whole context of the rights and the duties in question, which can be dramatically influenced by for example general principles of law or by jurisprudence. Professional and deep consideration of rights and duties of the exact subject can be done only by experts, which are able to study the whole context, not only be reading, what it written in the text of the contract or the statute.

The clientele of our legal office is made up of entrepreneurs from various branches of industry, commerce and services even on the international level, but also by individuals or smaller companies which operate solely on regional market. We try to carry out all the feasible demands of the client while abiding all the legal rules set by the statute n. 85/1996 Sb., Act on Advocacy.

The legal office is situated:

  • In Brno
    Hlinky 155/86
    Staré Brno
    Postal code: 603 00
  • in Velké Meziříčí, Galerie Nový Svit
    Náměstí 13/15
    Postal code: 594 01

When requested by our clients, our services can be provided in the residency of the exact client or on other places, which the parties agree on.