Acquisition and sale of companies

The law firm Musil and partners is also active on the market of companies. We provide legal advice in this area, but also actively operate on the market.

If you are considering buying a functioning company or want to restore a non-prosperous company, then, in addition to knowing the circumstances of the market, you need to carefully assess the effectiveness of the investment. This may be dramatically affected by legal circumstances. For example, your chosen company may be extremely indebted, it may be involved in a lawsuit, it may have many outstanding debts, the existence of which may be partially obscured. However, problems may also relate to the very subject of business or the functioning of the company. For example, the company's bodies term may have expired, or the company has problems with the functioning of the supreme body.

We thus fully guide our clients through the entire process of acquisition of the company for the purpose of resale, but also for the purpose of further operation. Therefore, in addition to preparing or assessing the necessary legal documents for the takeover of the company and the subsequent effective sale, we are also prepared to process or revise the labor law documents, make the necessary changes to the company and take further steps to meet the client's intended goal with the newly acquired company.

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